What is Morgan: Metal Detective?

This is a cosy, first person metal detector adventure game, where you reunite residents of the beautiful Cornish island of Glasden with things they have lost. And with your late Grandpa's help, maybe restore magic along the way.

You take on the role of Morgan, a teenage girl visiting the Cornish island of Glasden with her Mum after her Grandpa’s passing.

When you discover that your Grandpa has left you his old metal detector, you take it upon yourself to investigate the legends of Glasden’s secret treasure he’d always tell you about.

Explore the island and help out the local residents to learn what they know of the treasure, and with enough clues you might just be able to find it!

But is there more to this legend than just a shiny bit of metal in the ground? And why was it that your Grandpa wanted you to find it?

Take pictures, trade in your finds, collect sticker packs, cassette tapes and make your own little slice of paradise.

When is it being released?

We are aiming to release on Steam in March 2024. With other platforms following shortly after. 

Where can I buy?


Key features? 

Lovingly crafted 3D island, fully explorable with your trusty metal detector

Hand drawn 2D character art by the brilliant creative duo, Double Slice

Fully voice acted cast, featuring Charlotte McBurney as Morgan. Charlotte was Nominated for Best Lead Performer in the 2023 video game BAFTAs, Nominated for Best Performer in the 2022 Game of the Year awards for the lead role of Amicia de Rune in 'A Plague Tale: Requiem', Won the 2019 NAVGTR Award for Performance in a Drama, Lead

Beautifully hand animated first person metal detecting system

Thousands of buried items, including dozens of unique objects to find under the surface of Glasden

Gorgeous soundtrack, composed by Rotem Frimer in the form of collectable cassette tapes, with the main title ‘Ode To Glasden’ recorded by an eight-piece orchestra in the renowned Air Studios in London

Immersive and detailed sound design

Fully customisable in-game journal

Instant film camera to take pictures in-game and place in your journal

Collectable sticker packs

In-game shop to trade in underground finds for credits to buy film and sticker packs

Who is on the team? 

Morgan: Metal Detective was created by Harvey Hayman and Holly Hudson, co-directors of Studio Morgan and alumni of the National Film and Television School’s Game Design and Development course. 

We were very fortunate to work with some amazing talent from the school; here’s a breakdwon of the team.

Game Designers: Harvey Hayman, Holly Hudson
Script: Ruby Abbiss
Sound Designers: Joe Russell, Lucas Lehmann
Composer: Rotem Frimer
Producers: Jai Vir Rodgers, Vic Rocamora

How to get in contact?

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter/X, Tiktok and Discord. We’re always happy to chat!

Or, drop us an email at morganmetaldetective@gmail.com