A cosy metal detecting game about uncovering an island's past through its lost treasures

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Morgan: Metal Detective is a cosy, first person metal detector adventure game. Reunite residents of the beautiful Cornish island of Glasden with things they have lost; and with your late Grandpa's help, maybe restore magic along the way.

You take on the role of Morgan, a teenage girl visiting the Cornish island of Glasden with her Mum after her Grandpa’s passing.

When you discover that your Grandpa has left you his old metal detector, you take it upon yourself to investigate the legends of Glasden’s secret treasure he’d always tell you about.

Explore the island and help out the local residents to learn what they know of the treasure, and with enough clues you might just be able to find it!

But is there more to this legend than just a shiny bit of metal in the ground? And why was it that your Grandpa wanted you to find it?

Take pictures, trade in your finds, collect sticker packs, cassette tapes and make your own little slice of paradise.

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We are a London-based, two-person indie game studio.

Holly               Harvey
Art Direction/   Games Design/
Level Design     Programming